FV2 CE: A Reindeer's Tale


Three of Santa's reindeer were flying over the forest for a special delivery when they got caught in a heavy snowstorm. They crashed, got separated, and lost their way. Vixen found her way to the farm, but the others are lost. The farmhands set out to find them, fix their sleigh and recover the gifts they were delivering.
 Blitzen was not too far behind Vixen, but Rudolph seems to have gone another way. He was careful to leave a trail of toys and items behind so the farmhands follow him deep into the forest.
If you are at least level 30, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Reindeer's Tale. You will need to force-close the game, or even reboot your device to see the feature.
Reindeer's Tale will be available from November 29th until December 24th, but Early Access can be purchased starting November 23rd to give you a head start to help Santa's Reindeers!
How can I purchase Early Access?
You will receive a pop-up to get Early Access for the Reindeer's Tale. You can tap on the envelope icon to see all available promotions we have in store for you, or you can also tap the Event icon from the game screen.
What will I get if I purchase Early Access?
Get Extra days to finish the feature!
You will also get an Early Access Goodies crate to help you get started, which contains:
  • 3 Guiding Lantern (Temporary POI entry item)
  • 5 Speed Seeds
  • 5 Golden Gloves
  • 5 Toys
Get Extra days to finish the feature!
Start rescuing Santa's Reindeers by tapping on the Gnome Workshop located beside Nick's Knicknacks.
The Gnome Workshop gives you a list of items that you can exchange for Plows. These Plows are needed to clear the snow at the Frozen Forest
Once you have collected enough Plows, head over to the Frozen Forest to play the mini-game.
The Frozen Forest's mini-game is where you can find toys to complete each Phase.
On the Frozen Forest, you will find Clues that will help you find the toys.
There are three types of clues available in each board game. The first clue tells you how many tiles in the same column have at least one toy hidden under it,
the second one tells you how many tiles in the same row have at least one toy hidden under it.
While the third one tells you how many toys are hidden around it.
You will receive wonderful rewards each time you finish a Phase. Complete all 6 Phases to win the Holiday Bell Tower. This Bell Tower has the power to call back Reindeers to sprinkle magic dust over your farm to instantly complete all crops, animals, and workstations!
In addition, if you finish the Reindeer's Tale before the event ends, you can play Endless Mode get more rings for your Bell Tower.
Temporary Farm Hands: Gnome Garrick and Ornery Owl
These dynamic duo are perfect in finding rare event items this Yuletide season. Note that they are ONLY temporary, and will leave once the feature ends.
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