FarmVille2: Expand to the Amber Autumnlands!

Expand to the Amber Autumnlands for an uplifting experience! Early Unlock more plots from the Amber Autumnlands for the best chance of finding the ticket! 

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Autumn Amber Chisel
Crystal Chipper


Jacaranda Table Vase
Heirloom Jacaranda Table Vase

Silver Drop Air Freshener
Heirloom Silver Drop Air Freshener

Scarlet Rose Garland
Heirloom Scarlet Rose Garland

Scarlet Rose Vase

High Tea Party Hat
Heirloom High Tea Party Hat

Silver Drop Essence Soap
Heirloom Silver Drop Essence Soap

Scarlet Rose Boutonniere

Oats Porridge with Berries

Raspberry Curd Tarts

Raspberry Panna Cotta
Heirloom Raspberry Panna Cotta

Walnut Filled Jujubes
Heirloom Walnut Filled Jujubes

Jujube Herbal Tea
Heirloom Jujube Herbal Tea

Ice Cream Cake Cupuassu
Heirloom Ice Cream Cake Cupuassu

Cupuassu Ice Cream Stick
Heirloom Cupuassu Ice Cream Stick

Focaccia with Gooseberries

Gooseberry Fool

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

Strawberry Spinach Pizza


Bronze Ticket
Bronze Ticket

Silver Ticket
Silver Ticket

Gold Ticket
Gold Ticket


Baby Striped Face Bengal Goat
Adult Striped Face Bengal Goat
Prized Striped Face Bengal Goat

Baby Brown Texas Longhorn Mini Cow
Adult Brown Texas Longhorn Mini Cow
Prized Brown Texas Longhorn Mini Cow

Baby Pearl Gray Guineafowl
Adult Pearl Gray Guineafowl
Prized Pearl Gray Guineafowl

Baby Cyprus Mini Donkey
Adult Cyprus Mini Donkey
Prized Cyprus Mini Donkey


Christ’s Thorn Jujube
Heirloom Christ’s Thorn Jujube
Elder Christ’s Thorn Jujube
Christ’s Thorn Jujube Fruit
Heirloom Christ’s Thorn Jujube Fruit

Silver Drop Cider Nectarine
Heirloom Silver Drop Cider Nectarine
Elder Silver Drop Cider Nectarine
Silver Drop Cider Nectarine Fruit
Heirloom Silver Drop Cider Nectarine Fruit


Amber Hue Lamp Post
Snowy Lamp Post
Herb Wall
Purple Floral Arch
Floral Ladder Archway
Copper Cottage


Scarlet Rose Mallow
Prized Scarlet Rose Mallow

Golden Himalayan Raspberry
Prized Golden Himalayan Raspberry

Strawberry Spinach
Prized Strawberry Spinach

Prickly Gooseberry
Prized Prickly Gooseberry

New Level:

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