FarmVille2: Try the succulent Brown Russian Cucumber! (Market LE Items)

Plant Brown Russian Cucumber, check out Skinny Guinea Pig, Saurauia Trees and more!

Release Date: 22/10/2018


Saurauia Wheel Decor
Heirloom Saurauia Wheel Decor

Rustic Myrtle Clock
Heirloom Rustic Myrtle Clock

Borneo Olive Gratin

Olive Fish Salad
Heirloom Olive Fish Salad

Saurauia Floral Cake
Heirloom Saurauia Floral Cake

Cucumber Mushroom Salad

Smacked Cucumber Pickle

Wine Urn Blooms
Heirloom Wine Urn Blooms


Baby Mini Belgian Draft Horse
Adult Mini Belgian Draft Horse
Prized Mini Belgian Draft Horse

Baby Chato Murciano Pig
Adult Chato Murciano Pig
Prized Chato Murciano Pig

Baby British Brown Texel Sheep
Adult British Brown Texel Sheep
Prized British Brown Texel Sheep

Baby Skinny Guinea Pig
Adult Skinny Guinea Pig
Prized Skinny Guinea Pig


Borneo Olive
Heirloom Borneo Olive
Elder Borneo Olive
Borneo Olive Fruit
Heirloom Borneo Olive Fruit

Chilean Myrtle
Heirloom Chilean Myrtle
Elder Chilean Myrtle
Chilean Myrtle Fruit
Heirloom Chilean Myrtle Fruit

Heirloom Saurauia
Elder Saurauia
Saurauia Fruit
Heirloom Saurauia Fruit


Brown Russian Cucumber
Prized Brown Russian Cucumber
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