FarmVille2: Build Your Women's Clubhouse!

Join The Club! Set up a Women's Clubhouse on your farm and host Council Sessions with Barbara!
Host Council Sessions! Prepare your Women's Clubhouse! Invite your friends to take part! Win an exclusive Appenzell Goat!

Release Date: 23/10/2018

Tea Table
Clubhouse Curtain
Window Pane

Women's Clubhouse
Women's Club Badge

Materials for the Next Quest:

Picket Sign
Donation Box
Construction Goods


Fruity Mocktail
Heirloom Fruity Mocktail

Luncheon Snack

Magnetic Bookmark
Heirloom Magnetic Bookmark

Vintage Bookshelf
Heirloom Vintage Bookshelf

Tea Party Set

Donation Bag

Bunch of Stuffed Toys

School Supplies

Leaf Scooper
Heirloom Leaf Scooper

Collapsible Bag

Compost Garden Planter

Ask/Post to Friends:

Fresh Fruits

Wool Basket

Magnetic Flap

Classic Novels

Plastic Handle

Cookie Tray

Writing Kit

Compost Sifter


Bookshelf Fence

Bookshelf Archway

Leaf Pile


Baby Appenzell Goat
Adult Appenzell Goat

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