FarmVille2: Build Your Fiesta Cabin!

Fall-ing Into Place! Help Marie host a Fall Fiesta for the county and win a baby Riwoche Mini Horse! This fall has produced a great yield for our farmers! Let’s organize an outdoor autumn festival for the county before the winter chill sets in!

Release Date: 02/10/2018

Cabin Lantern
Cabin Signboard
Cabin Bunting

Fiesta Cabin

Materials for the Next Quest:

Night Cow
Blue Lamp
Owl Whistle

Materials for the Quests inside the Building:


Lumberjack Suspenders


Punch Down Tool


Sap Pail


Distance Marker


Fall Fiesta Arch

Fall Fiesta Lamppost

Fall Fiesta Fence


Lumberjack Shirt

Woodcutter Multisaw
Heirloom Woodcutter Multisaw

Pair of Mashing Galoshes
Heirloom Pair of Mashing Galoshes

Foot Sanitizer
Heirloom Foot Sanitizer

Maple Tap

Pumpkin Trebuchet
Heirloom Pumpkin Trebuchet

Fall Fiesta Pie


Baby Riwoche Mini Horse
Adult Riwoche Mini Horse
Prized Riwoche Mini Horse

Ask/Post to Friends:

Flannel Fabric

Wingnut Driver


Sap Filter


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