FarmVille2: Build Your Ballroom Carriage!

Have A Ball! Build a Ballroom Carriage on your farm! Craft to earn Mysterious Masks and win prizes every week! Win a baby Red South African Bush Pig!

Release Date: 09/10/2018

Monster's Ball Lights
Carriage Chandelier
Masked Pumpkins

Ballroom Carriage

Mysterious Mask


Baby Red South African Bush Pig
Adult Red South African Bush Pig
Prized Red South African Bush Pig


Tealightful Bird Bath

Autumn Garden Bench

Pumpkin Planter Fence

Materials for the Next Quest:

Time Table

Pair of Ear Plugs

Box of Microscope Slides

Ask/Post to Friends:

Mini Pencils
Green Icing
Satin Fabric
Charcoal Cone
Clear Twine
Wiggle Eyes
Prank Pack
Assorted Candy


Week 1

Spooky Berry Punch

Dance Cards

Pumpkin Pops

Week 2

Creepy Corsage

Bewitching Cupcakes
Heirloom Bewitching Cupcakes

Creepy Corsage

Week 3

Jack Lantern

Strawberry Ghosts

Prank Box Favors
Heirloom Prank Box Favors

Candy Bowl

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