FarmVille2: Build Your Kitchen Bar!

Host Tasting Sessions! Prepare your Kitchen Bar! Invite your friends to take part! Win an exclusive Guernsey Mini Goat!

Release Date: 04/09/2018

Kitchen Bar Stools
Chalkboard Menu
Glass Cabinet

Kitchen Bar

Place Card

Materials for the Next Quest:

Set of Home Magazines
Set of Foldable Chairs
Stovetop Extinguisher


Basic Broth

Soup Spoon Set

Table Serviette

Butter Brush
Heirloom Butter Brush

Mushroom Gravy
Cob Holder
Heirloom Cob Holder

Ruffled Pie Dish

Pie Cooling Rack

Bottle of Sweet Silver Pearls

Icing Sugar Template

Fancy Cake Stand

Ask/Post to Friends:

Bouillon Cube

Gold Ceramic Glaze

Craft Punch

Basting Bristles

Edible Silver

Set of Corn Skewers

Cooling Plate

Spinning Platform


Flower Bed Archway

Flower Bed Fence


Baby Guernsey Mini Goat
Adult Guernsey Mini Goat
Prized Guernsey Mini Goat

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