FV2 CE: ‘Medi’Ville Times!

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An actors' troupe is coming to town! They’re here to put on a play of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Upon their arrival they find that Eddie (who is very interested in Arthurian legend) has decorated the whole farm in the trappings of medieval times!
If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the ‘Medi’Ville Times! You will need to force close the game to see the update. You may even need to reboot your device. 
Start off the event by visiting the Event Green located behind Eagle Eye Eddie's airplane. The Event green, will be a set in a play with the Round Table in it. Tapping anywhere on the event green opens the ‘Medi’Ville Times event.

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The ‘Medi’Ville Times runs until July 29, and players will have 12 days to complete all quests and get their chance to win Speed Seeds, Stamps, Golden Gloves, and the chance to have Doggus Maximus as a temporary farm hand!

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To join in the event, you will have to complete orders to create lines of 4 completed orders on the order board for bonus points. The order board will display green checks when orders could be sold. You can view how to earn more points under Bingo Help:

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Sell 4 orders in a row to win Farm Bingo and earn Bingo Points!

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Get three Farm Bingos at the same time for the biggest score!

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Get a Farm Bingo to earn an bonus Ornate Chest! Get 2x and 3x Farm Bingos for double and triple bonus Ornate Chests!

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Connect 4 Board Rules:
  • You cannot skip cards
  • You can buy through a card you don’t have the item inventory to complete
  • You can buy through a card-group
  • When a card-group bonus timer expires, you can keep playing it, just without a fast finish bonus
  • When a card-group is completed (Connect 4), a new card-group is served
  • You can earn rewards as you reach pre-set point levels for specified reward packages
  • Boosts only buff individual card event points, does not buff the Connect 4 bonus or fast finish bonuses
  • Bonus mystery box for connect 4; 2X for 2X; 3X for 3X
Temporary Farm Hand: You can purchase Magnificent Merlin, and Sir Farm-a-Lot, as temporary Farm Hands. They can help you find those rare event items, and will leave once the ‘Medi’Ville Times is over!

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Boosts: Appears when you open the event and taps “use a boost” button. The 50% and 100% boost options can be purchased using coins and keys, respectively. Boosts only affect individual item points, not the connect 4 or fast finish bonus points.

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The 1st 100% boost (key) boost will be marked “FREE”. Once a player uses it, it will revert back to keys. If you use the 50% (coin) boost first, you will still retain the free key boost. (It should still say “FREE” the next time you enter the game)
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