FarmVille2: Unveil the Mosaic Monolith! (Coming Soon)

Complete tasks to earn Seaweed Rakes! Use Rakes to find keys to open the wooden box! Unveil the mosaic pillar and earn great rewards!

Mosaic Monolith
Mosaic Monolith


Nutrition Bar

Energy Juice
Heirloom Energy Juice

Energy Biscuits

Metal Detector

Marine Salvage Compass

Rust Remover

Diving Suit

Diving Bag

Underwater Mask
Heirloom Underwater Mask

Diver's Log Book

Diver's Flag

Diver's Float
Heirloom Diver's Float

Gemstone Pouch
Heirloom Gemstone Pouch

Diving Rope

Safety Kit

Marine Salvage Bucket

Gemstone Identification Kit
Heirloom Gemstone Identification Kit

River Rake
Heirloom River Rake

Ask/Post to Friends:

Power Magnet
Polyester Material
Diver's Seal
Glucose Powder
Sifting Rake
Snow Pail

Aqua Torch
Sand Sieve
Light Stick
Seaweed Rake
Granite Pick


Riverside Planter

Riverside Paver

Riverside Pebbled Archway

Riverside Pebbled Fence

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