FarmVille2: Build Your Fundraiser Booth!

Just For Fun-ds! Help Marie host a Summer Fundraiser for Walter and Rusty's campaigns and win a baby Hinterwald Cow!
Release Date: 17/07/2018

Ticket Dispenser
Booth Canopy
Fundraiser Booth Planks

Fundraiser Booth

Materials for the Next Quest:

Lumber Rack
Shave Horse
Carpentry Toolkit

Week 1

Fundraiser Ticket

Week 2

Summer Cupcake

Week 3

Canvas Paint Kit

Week 4

Dog Clicker Whistle


Summer Planter Fence

Summer Planter Gate


Candy Placard
Heirloom Candy Placard

Bakery Box

Kids' Easel

Dog Name Tag

jar of Summer Candy

Dog Treat
Heirloom Dog Treat

Cake Stand


Baby Hinterwald Cow
Adult Hinterwald Cow
Prized Hinterwald Cow


Black Stinkwood Tree
Heirloom Black Stinkwood Tree
Elder Black Stinkwood Tree

Ask/Post to Friends:

Set of Color Markers
Baker's Twine
Easel Tray
Set of Candy Dyes

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