FarmVille2: Build Your Floral Wishing Well!

Be A Well Wisher! Design a Floral Wishing Well just the way you like it! Build a Design Workshop to get started.

Release Date: 22/05/2018

Wishing Well Buckets
Rounded Hammers
Pebble Planters

 Design your Floral Wishing Well at the Design Workshop!

Floral Wishing Well

Design Point

Ask/Post to Friends:

Stained Glass Shards
Painted Pail
Crystal Coin

Marble Chips


Set of Scaled Stepping Stones

Pair of Glass Garden Stakes

Bamboo Bucket Seater

Wish Bucket

Shimmering Roof Garland

Enchanted Crystal Charm

Outdoor Marble Sink

Perched Bird Statue
Heirloom Perched Bird Statue

Zen Candle Holder

Garden Border

Marble Wind Chime

Marble Birdhouse

Ornate Marble Bench
Heirloom Ornate Marble Bench

Beaded Marble Necklace

Terrarium Garden

Marble Lily Pond

Marble Pebble Mat

Hanging Marble Artwork


Ornas Birch Tree
Heirloom Ornas Birch Tree
Elder Ornas Birch Tree
Ornas Birch Tree Log
Heirloom Ornas Birch Tree Log


Baby Apricot Hedgehog
Adult Apricot Hedgehog
Prized Apricot Hedgehog


Floral Wishing Well
Floral Wishing Well
Floral Wishing Well

Floral Wishing Well
Floral Wishing Well
Floral Wishing Well

Materials for the Next Quest:

Rhyming Dictionary
Sheet of Tracing Paper
Honey Lozenge
Anti Algae Spray
Sediment Filter
Water pH Tester
Waterproof Grease

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