FarmVille2: The FarmVille Derby Is Here!

Train your racehorses! Race against other farmer's steeds! Earn Trophies and other great rewards! Train and race your horses in the Derby for honor and trophies!

Train your racehorses for the FarmVille Derby!
Premium Racing Stable
Racing Stable

Speed Race Feed

Strength Race Feed

Stamina Race Feed

Racing Treat


Horseshoe Garden Bed

Horse Mad Fence

Horse Mad Gate

Geometric Planter


Baby Brush Rabbit
Adult Brush Rabbit
Prized Brush Rabbit

Baby Miniature Hereford Cow
Adult Miniature Hereford Cow
Prized Miniature Hereford Cow

Baby Clun Forest Sheep
Adult Clun Forest Sheep
Prized Clun Forest Sheep

Baby Sokolski Horse
Adult Sokolski Horse
Prized Sokolski Horse


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