FarmVille2: Master Locator To The Rescue! (Coming Soon) - FarmVille 2

FarmVille2: Master Locator To The Rescue! (Coming Soon)

Collect Flashlights to find Gus's baby animals! Use Flashlights to search 6 areas around the farm! Win an Speed-Grow Machine and other rewards for your help!

You can look for the animals from here!

Treetop Search Station


Baby Farm Animals

Deco & Rewards:

24 hr Speed-Grow Machine

Rustic Showpiece

Tree of Life Gate

Creeping Leaf Fence

Materials for the Quest:

Missing Animal List

Missing Animal Poster

Ask/Post to Friends:

Searcher’s Bag

Vegetable Basket

Cracked Corn



Farm Emergency Toolbox

Black Locust Wood

White Oak Wood


Maize Cake

Cow Collar

Black Locust Horse Fence
Heirloom Black Locust Horse Fence

White Rabbit Fence
Heirloom White Rabbit Fence

Fence Fixer

Safety Flags

Cattle Food

Fence Glue
Heirloom Fence Glue


Farm Map

Lantern Torch

Goat Treat

Cracked Corn Treats

Range Cube Treats

Heirloom Trough


More like a very significant Otter!

Baby White Southern River Otter

This Water Buffalo says he carabao you!

Baby Carabao Water Buffalo

Quacking back to a farm near you!

Baby Silver Wood Duck

You are turtle-y awesome for finding her!

Baby Pink Bellied Side Necked Turtle

She is excited to return to the baaa-rn!

Baby Greyface Dartmoor Sheep

She is alpaca-d up to go back to the farm!

Baby Brown Spotted Huacaya Alpaca

Don't wooly, be hoppy!

Baby Siamese Sable Wooly Rabbit

Look who we just spotted, this baby donkey!

Baby Spotted Roan Donkey

This chicken is known to be very clucky for the farm!

Baby Mottled Houdan Chicken

She was just chinchillin in the Backyard!

Baby White Solid Violet Chinchilla

She could be a cute little birthday pheasant!

Baby Lesser Bornean Crested Fireback Pheasant

Guinea Pig? More like a grinny pig!

Baby Brindle Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Thankfully, she hadn't goat-ten too far!

Baby Kambing Katjang Mini Goat

So glad we fawned this one!

Baby Calamian Deer

We've just spotted a yak in the box!

Baby Spotted Royal Yak

Hey Ewe! What's up?

Baby Babydoll Ram

She was in a fowl mood about being lost!

Baby Pinto Guinea Fowl

We pigged her up from the Muddy Swamp!

Baby Semirechensk Pig

We did not ferret about this one!

Baby Cinnamon Point Ferret

Peacock-a-boo, we found you!

Baby Purple Peacock

Let's be-ferrandaise this baby cow!

Baby Ferrandaise Cow

Just watch her flip and watch her neigh-neigh!

Baby Flaxen Chestnut Mini Horse

The baby horse says grass-ias for finding him!

Baby Ocracoke Pony Horse

She's got the moos like Jagger!

Baby Randall Mini Cow

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