FarmVille2: Free Favor x2! (Day 03/06)

Favors are a special type of currency in Farmville 2. They are used to buy Expansions and farm upgrades.

There are several ways to obtain Favors:

  • Completing Orders in the upgraded Market Stand, which is the most common way to collect Favors. Amount of Favors rewarded vary on the difficulty of the Order. Players are rewarded 100 Favors for completing 15 Orders within a week. Players are rewarded 200 Favors if their Co-Op completes the Order Board.
  • Completing regular quest series. After the Market Stand has been upgraded to take Orders, almost all quests will reward players with at least one Favor.
  • Winning the grand prize in minigames and limited time quests will usually give the player 10 Favors.
  • Moving up in rank in the Keepers of the Harvest.

We want to gift you with some Favor Links, remembers that these links come from other Accounts and not are Zynga Rewards so only faster users can get them.

In this case every gift you claim you get it 2x times!

Click on the images below to obtain them! ^_^

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