FarmVille2: Build Your Jubilee Reception!

Spring in Our Steps! Help Rusty celebrate Spring in all its glory at the Spring Jubilee! Floral Intents And Purposes! Join Marie for the stunning floral coronation! Hop onto a hot air balloon for an adventure of a lifetime!

Release Date: 03/04/2018

Jubilee Bench
Satin Ribbons
Floral Stand

Jubilee Reception

Materials for the Next Quest:

Ink Cartridge
Set of Personal Jubilee Photos
Travel Tripod

Week 1:

Spring Stamp Set

Week 2:

Tea Tree Oil

Week 3:

Snack Pack

Week 4:

Lantern Lighter


Blossoming Garden Gate

Blossoming Garden Fence


Chinese Beech Tree
Heirloom Chinese Beech Tree
Elder Chinese Beech Tree
Chinese Beech Tree Log
Heirloom Chinese Beech Tree Log


Maypole Dance Guide

Gathering Basket

Portrait Canvas

Pair of Pocket Binoculars

Set of Floating Lotus Lanterns

Jubilee Cupcake

Waterproof Candle


Baby Chestnut Morab Horse
AdultChestnut Morab Horse
Prized Chestnut Morab Horse

Ask/Post to Friends:

Candy Butterfly
Binding Glue
Canvas Stapler
Silk Cord Strap
Paper Dye

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