FarmVille2: Songbird Goodie Chart! (Coming Soon)

Be a part of Farmville's cutest love story! Your Songbird is waiting next to the Birdhouse with goodies for you! The Greater Bird of Paradise has come to Farmville to spread the love! Get enough Hearts and he will bring you goodies for upto 25 days!

Native Songbird Tree

Native Songbird Tree

Native Songbird Tree

Native Songbird Tree


Birdhouse Fountain

Wood Chip Ground Cover Patch

Rustic Criss Cross Fence


Baby Kaghani Goat
Adult Kaghani Goat
Prized Kaghani Goat

Baby Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa Pig
 Adult Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa Pig
Prized Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa Pig

Baby Pulikulam Cow
Adult Pulikulam Cow
Prized Pulikulam Cow

Baby Kustanair Horse
Adult Kustanair Horse
Prized Kustanair Horse

Baby Chocolate Otter Rex Rabbit
Adult Chocolate Otter Rex Rabbit
Prized Chocolate Otter Rex Rabbit

Baby Black Tarpan Horse
Adult Black Tarpan Horse
Prized Black Tarpan Horse


Treats In A Basket

Cute Birdie Keychain

Suspended Twig Heart

Scrappy Birdhouse

Tripod Bird Feeder

Minimalist Bird Box
Heirloom Minimalist Bird Box

Twigs Wreath
Heirloom Twigs Wreath

Hanging Bird Decoration

Wooden Bird Carving

Heart Shaped Grain Cookie

Compiled Vase

Coconut Shell Suet

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Bird Candle Jar

Beautiful Blue Feather Necklace

Love Birds Statue

Buffet for Birds

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