FV2 CE: The Show Sheep are here!

It's time to put the charming Sheep on show! Invite partners to grow your very own Partner Sheep and get the chance to get an exclusive 30-day visit from Fluffy the Sheepdog!
If you are at least Level 21 or higher, you'll get an invite to raise the delightful Sheep with your partners to get unique costumes.

Visit the Show Booth, located beside the Prize Tent at the side of the road to start this feature.

The Show Booth will now have a "Sheep" tab, which shows the unique costumes you've unlocked for your Sheep.
Along with the feature comes the Show Sheep Event that will run from September 5, 2017 to September 23, 2017.
Participating in the event is very simple: all you need to do is raise your own sheep! You may choose among the 3 Sheep breeds available at the start of the event. The 2 remaining breeds will be unlocked once the FarmVille 2: Country Escape community raises 20,000 Sheep. Remember that this is a timed event so raise as many Sheep as you can!
How do I invite a Partner?
To invite a Partner, simply click on the "Invite Partner" button beside the Sheep's progress bar located at the bottom of the screen.
Once clicked, the Invite Partner button gives you two choices:
• Find Partner - chooses a random Partner for you to raise your Sheep with.
• Choose Friend - allows you to choose from the list of friends that you have in the game.
You may choose between your Friends in the game or the people from your Co-op by putting a check mark on the tick boxes beside their names.
Note: You can invite random players if the friends you've selected don't respond within 12 hours by putting a check mark on the Global Invite tick box.
When someone accepts your invite, their profile picture will appear at the other side of the Sheep's progress bar.
Can I communicate with my partner?
Yes, you can now communicate with your partner! Ask for their help in feeding your Sheep or thank them for a job well done.
Feeding your Sheep
Your Sheep has a train of items that he wants to eat. You can see the current item and the three upcoming items that you need to feed your Sheep with. This allows you and your partner to strategize and fill your Sheep's progress meter as soon as possible. The bigger the Sheep, the bigger the rewards!
Why is my Sheep sleeping? 
A Sheep's nap is a simple timer that allows you and your Partner to take a break from feeding it. While napping a Sheep displays the item it wants next. Take this time to create items and strategize on your next move!
Dinner and Snack Bells
The Dinner and Snack Bells allows your Sheep to stay active . This allows you and your Partner to speed up feeding your Sheep without worrying of your Sheep taking a nap.

The Show Sheep has 4 stages of feeding. Fill the progress bar at the bottom to move to the next stage. The Progress meter resets to empty after a stage is reached
Once you've completed stage 4, your Show Sheep will enter Costume Mode. Upon reaching Costume Mode, you and your Partner can continue feeding your Sheep to its full weight potential until the Weigh in to win rare costumes and more rewards!
You can get different prizes during the weigh in, including Costumes, and FREE Sheep which becomes available when you choose another Sheep to feed.
What are Milestones?
The Show Sheep Event also lets you win additional prizes when you reach specific milestones. There are 3 milestones in the Event:
1st Milestone - Unlock 4 unique Sheep costume
2nd Milestone - Unlock 8 Sheep costumes
3rd Milestone - Unlock 12 unique costume
Note: Fluffy the Sheepdog will only stay on your farm for 30 days after the event.
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