FarmVille2: The National Fair! (Official Guide)

If you conquered the State Fair and currently hold a Diamond League Trophy, congrats Farmer! You’ve qualified for the National Fair! Welcome to the big leagues where the best of the best compete for better prizes and prestige!

The “You’re off to the National Fair!” popup will appear, and you can click on the “Let’s Go!” button to accept the invitation!
The National Fair Truck, which Marie will give you for being such a pro at the Fair, will be parked outside your farm. Clicking on the truck will open the Leaderboard, which shows you where you stand in the competition.


The Leaderboard
Just like the State Fair, you will be competing with other farmers for the top spot on the Leaderboard. To move up the Leaderboard, you must earn Fair Points, which you can get from Prize Crops, Fruits and Animals, when you Breed your animals, and now, new and exclusive to the National Fair, when you make Prize Crafts(More on Prize Crafting below.)


Neighbor of the Week
If you place first in the weekly Leaderboard competition, you’ll be crowned “Neighbor of the Week”, and you’ll be featured at the top of your competitors’ Neighbor Bars for a week – so all the farmers who you competed with and beat that week will see you at the top of their Neighbor Bars for the next week! They’ll get additional rewards for visiting you, which means extra visits and help on your farm!


Ceremony Prize Boxes
Farmers who place higher on the Leaderboard can pick more Prize Boxes at the ceremony, and these prizes get better the higher you climb in the new National Fair leagues.
Keep track of the days left for the prize ceremony by checking the timer on the right side of the menu.


Leagues and Shields
At the end of the weekly competition, the top three farmers on the Leaderboard will move up to the next league. There are ten new Leagues to master, and each League is represented by its own shield. Moving up the National Fair leagues places you higher on your friends’ Neighbor Bars.


Prize Crafts and Kindling
Want to earn extra Fair Points to beat the competition? Use Kindling when you craft for a chance to get Prize Crafts! Like Prize Crops, they give you precious points for the National Fair and are automatically added to your Fair Points tally.
Kindling fires-up your furnaces and helps create Prize Crafts. You’ll find Kindling every time you harvest your trees. Remember, Heirloom trees drop lots more Kindling!


You can use Kindling to make Prize Crafts at your Crafting Kitchen, Workshop, Kiln and also the Riverside Crafting Shack. Click on the button that has both the “Power” and “Kindling” icons on it when you craft.
Starred Crafts give the most Prize Crafting points. Starred Crafts are marked with a gold star on the recipe card and are also found in the ‘Starred’ section above the recipes in the crafting buildings.


Lucky Chests and Fair Coupons

Place in the top three, and you’ll automatically send Lucky Chests to three of your friends. The chests you send can only be opened by these friends, and as each one opens a Lucky Chest, they’ll receive Fair Pointsand Fair Coupons.
Fair Coupons can be redeemed for prizes at the National Lucky Dip(More on this below.)


You can check on your friend’s progress (of opening their Lucky Chest) in the Lucky Chests section. You’ll get a notification once a friend has opened a chest, and you can check in this same section to claim your share of the Fair Points and Coupons from the chest.


It’s also possible that you’ll receive a Lucky Chest of your own from a friend who won at the National Fair. If so, you’ll see the chest on the little “National Fair Prizes” stand next to your truck (or wagon for State and County Fair farmers).


Click on this stand to begin opening the Lucky Chest. To open the chest, you’ll need to post for Luck Keys. Once you have collected enough Luck Keys, you can open the chest to get your Fair Points and Coupons.


Lucky Chests must be opened before the National Fair Ceremony at the end of the week, as that’s when the prizes reset and a new set of Lucky Chests will be sent out.
The National Lucky Dip
The National Lucky Dip is where you can redeem your Fair Coupons for some amazing prizes!
You can access the National Lucky Dip from two places:
  1. by clicking the “Redeem Coupons” button from the prize stand next to the truck
  1. from the “Redeem Coupons” button on the “Lucky Chests” section of the National Fair feature


It’s here that you can use your Fair Coupons to pick a prize from the Lucky Dip cartons. There are three cartons to pick from, and each carton costs a different amount of Fair Coupons. The fancier the carton you pick from, the better the prize hiding inside – you’ll win some very special baby animals from the Lucky Dip!
So keep winning at the National Fair to send out Lucky Chests - they’re the best way to receive Fair Coupons to pick prizes from the National Lucky Dip!
Good luck, Farmer! We hope to see you often at the Prize Ceremony!
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