FarmVille2: "Build Your Caramel Kitchen!" (Official Guide)


As the first leaves of Autumn tumble in reds and golden browns, Barbara is inspired to prepare a selection of heavenly caramels for the numerous guests who will be staying at her B&B this Fall. Build a Caramel Kitchen so you can help her make rich and warm caramels.
For your efforts, she will give you a cute baby Mini Irish Painted Donkey! If you are level 15 or higher, the "Carma-Carma-Caramel!" popup will appear. Click on the "Build Caramel Kitchen!" button to begin this feature.

Start building your kitchen by collecting all the materials you need.


Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.


The finished Caramel Kitchen, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:


To start making Caramels, click on the building. In the Caramel Kitchen, you will need to collect Caramel Points. How do you earn points? Here are three simple ways:
  1. Craft Caramels - You can choose from a variety of Caramels to craft. Note that each Caramel gives out a different number of Caramel Points and has a different number of crafting hours

You can view all the selections by clicking on the left or right arrows.


After you have made a choice, click on it to start crafting. Click on the “Craft” button if you have the required materials. If you are in need of materials, you can always ask for help by posting or calling your Co-op.


After clicking on the “Craft” button, the Caramel will be made in the Caramel Hotpot. There are 5 hotpots in the kitchen and one hotpot will be used per Caramel that you craft. Two Caramel Hotspots are initially available for your use.


You can build 3 more hotpots by collecting the materials you will need or by asking your friends for help. The first hotpot will need these materials:


You will need these materials for the second hotpot:


And collect these materials for the third hotpot:


Once you’ve finished crafting the Caramel, you’ll get Caramel Points which you can share!


2. Complete quests in the “Farmville Film Festival” line of quests.



3. Purchase Caramel Points using Farm bucks.


Keep track of the Caramel Points you’ve collected by checking the counter at the lower left corner of the menu.


You will start earning rewards when you’ve reached specific milestone in the feature. The yellow bar will mark your progress.


Keep collecting Caramel Points to win the cute baby Mini Irish Painted Donkey and 10 Favors.


Awesome rewards are waiting for you, so start making Caramel!
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