FarmVille2: Build Your Caramel Kitchen!

Build a Caramel Kitchen! Win a baby Mini Painted Irish Donkey! The more Caramel Hotpots you have, the faster you’ll win this cute baby Mini Painted Irish Donkey! Make Caramel with Barbara and celebrate the flavors of Fall!

Release Date: 29/08/2017


Caramel Fountain Base
Autumn Jar
Table Plank

Make Caramel and earn Caramel Points to win a baby Mini Painted Irish Donkey!

Caramel Kitchen
Caramel Point

Metal Stand
Caramel Thermometer
Ceramic Pot
Pot Lid

Caramel Mould
Pot Grill
Caramel Hotpot


Bring out the true flavor of Autumn!

Fiery Autumn Bench

A lovely arch for Fall!

Amber Autumn Arch

Celebrate Autumn with these rustic fences!


Rustic Fall Fence


Blue Moon

Raisin The Roof

Lemon Lush
Heirloom Lemon Lush

Orange Spice
Heirloom Orange Spice

Berry Breeze

Two to Mango
Heirloom Two to Mango

Fig Jagger
Heirloom Fig Jagger


King's Peach

Pear Affair

Whimsical Winter

Mellow Magic

Coco For You

Salt of The Earth

Ask/Post to Friends:

Coconut Macaroon

Fruity Marshmallow

Pink Salt


Materials for the Next Quest:

Movie Projector
Set of Classic Films
Popcorn Tub


Baby Mini Irish Painted Donkey
Adult Mini Irish Painted Donkey
Prized Mini Irish Painted Donkey



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