Pet Theater! (Official Guide)

Marie just discovered something amazing! She found out what a natural performer her pet dog is while she was teaching her a trick. When Barbara learned of this news, she thought of having a seasonal theater festival starring our pets. Isn’t this a brilliant idea?

If you are level 50 or higher, the "Pet Theater" popup will appear. Click on the "Show Me!" button to know more about this feature.
It’s now time to shine the spotlight on our pets! Let’s begin with the fairytale of Rapunzel or as we call it “Pupunzel”. Start training your dogs to star in the show while Marie and her crew help you out by doing some of your tasks. For your rewards, you’ll get to watch the play and win a free Speed-grow Day!
To proceed with the feature, click on the “Tell me more!” button.


The Pet Theater is then automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area. Click on the building to proceed.


If you want to start rehearsing your pet dog for the show, click on the “Unlock now” button. Early access to this feature will give you extra benefits! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.

Once you’ve unlocked the feature, the “Presenting: Pupunzel!” popup will appear. You’ll start by casting at least one of four doggy actors. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dog of your own yet. Marie will loan you hers to start with.


Click on the “Add” buttons to cast any dogs you have in their roles.


If you don’t have enough dogs, you’ll be able to borrow them temporarily from your neighbors. More on that later. Click on the “Start Rehearsing” button to start playing.


The Pet Theater menu will then open to where your pet can start rehearsing for the play.


Each dog will need to rehearse 3 acts to be ready for the play.


To rehearse your dog for the 3 acts in the play, you need to complete tasks.


The yellow bar will mark your progress. Remember, that’s 3 acts to rehearse with all 4 dogs!


You can get Marie and Barbara to help you with any task you want by clicking on the “Add” buttons.

Then assign the task you want them to complete by clicking on the “Select” button.


The task you assigned will be completed at a specific time so make sure to check the timer.


Take note that each task gives out Sponsor Points.


Keep track of the number of Sponsor Points you’ve collected by checking the points counter.


You can redeem these sponsor points for rewards at any time! After you finish training all 4 dogs and watch the play, these rewards will change to different ones.


Fill this bar by completing tasks (without Marie or Barbara’s help) and either Gus, Cornelius or Walter will come by to give you more help! Gus and Cornelius will help you earn more Sponsor Points while Walter will instantly complete any task for you!


If you don’t have enough dogs to fill all the roles, you can send out Audition Calls to your friends to temporarilyborrow their pets for the play. Any dogs you borrow from Marie or your friends will go back to their owners after the all your shows are done.


Once you have rehearsed all 3 acts with all 4 dogs, you can watch the play and win 24 hours of free speed-grow (48 hours if you purchase early access)!


We can’t wait to watch our pets in the play so start rehearsing with them at the Pet Theater!
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