It’s the fortnight of helping!

Marie wants to try something really special! For two weeks, you can ask other farmers for help with any tasks that you’re struggling with! If you feel up to a challenge, you can also become a Mentor and take on tasks that other farmers need help with.

 Farmers who do tasks to help others will go through 3 tiers of mentorship: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can choose your rewards at every tier, and these rewards will get better with every tier!
 If you are level 25 or higher, you’ll see this notice telling you about the Fortnight of Helping. Click the button to get started right away.
You’ll be able to access this special event at the top left side of your game window.

Asking for Help
If you need to ask for help, look for the “Ask for Help” tab. You will see all your active tasks here. Remember, you’ll only be able to ask for help on one task at a time.

You can cancel a help request at any time, just as long as another player hasn’t picked it up yet.

If a mentor begins helping you, you’ll see their name on your help request:

When a mentor completes a task for you, pick one of these reactions to show them that you’re grateful!

Being a Mentor
To become a mentor to other farmers in need, you’ll have to first prove that you are hardworking and dependable!

As soon as you complete these basic tasks, you’ll become a Bronze tier mentor and you’ll be able to pick up help requests sent by other farmers in the Mentor Lobby.
You can only work on 1 task at a time and you’ll have to finish the task within a time limit.

When you complete a task, you’ll have the opportunity to send that farmer some encouragement!

Those farmers you help will send you gratitude in return! Keep track of the gratitude you receive here:

Every task that you do as a mentor will earn you Mentor Points! Redeem these Mentor points for rewards as you play.

The number of help requests you complete determines your Mentor Tier. Doing 15 tasks will put you in the Silver tier. When you finish a total of 35 tasks, you’ll move to Gold.

Your rewards will get better depending on your Mentor tier!

Community Statistics!
Keep track of what the community of helpers is up to here!

Do play our new feature and let us know what you think!
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