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A Blazing Star - FarmVille 2 copy

Marie is a superb rider! She practically grew up on horseback in the County. The horse she trained with when she was young is still with her and his name is Blaze Merryweather.

Guess what? Blaze turns 20 this year and Marie wants to celebrate his birthday! Help her throw him the best farm bash ever by collecting Blaze Cookies and getting your Party Stable ready. For your help, you will get a baby Smokey Perlino Horse!
If you are level 15 or higher, the “A Blazing Star!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Party Stable” button to begin the feature.
To build the stable, you must first collect the materials you need.

Then, ask friends to help or hire them as builders.

The finished Party Stable, which is automatically placed outside the farm, will look like this:

Start collecting cookies by clicking on the building and view the menu.

There are four easy ways to get Blaze Cookies:
  1. Complete the quests featured in the stable. Each task gives out a different number of Blaze Cookies so choose carefully. Another task will take the place of the task you have completed.
  1. Complete quests in the “Memories With Blaze” line of quests.

  1. Ask your friends for help by clicking on the Post button.

  1. Buy Blaze Cookies using Farm bucks.


Now, watch while the task you’ve completed is performed on your farm.
After you’ve completed a farm task, you’ll get the reward that you can share.

To get more Blaze Cookies, keep completing tasks. Keep track of how many you’ve collected by checking the counter on the lower left portion of the menu. 

While you’re collecting Blaze Cookies, also keep track of your progress in the yellow bar as you can get rewards when you reach specific milestones.

When you’ve reached a milestone, collect your reward by clicking on the “Get” button. You can also choose to share this reward.

Once you’ve collected all the Blaze Cookies, you’ll win the baby Smokey Perlino Horse and 10 Favors!

After winning the baby Smokey Perlino Horse, you can go on to win the Party Stable by completing the Bonus Quests!

Blaze deserves a wonderful celebration, so start collecting Cookies and win these amazing Rewards!
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