The FarmVille Pet Theater! (Coming Soon)

Behind the twitching of these veils lies a magical tale of tails! The first ever FarmVille Pet Theater is here! Presenting: Pupunzel! Play for lovely, new rewards and watch your dogs perform whenever you want!

Gus and Cornelius will give you more Sponsor Points. Walter will instantly complete any task!
Send out more Audition Calls to temporarily borrow a doggy actor and continue rehearsing.

Sponsor Point

Pet Theater


Bridge any troubled water and make dreams come true over this fairytale bridge.

Fairytale Bridge

Keep out evil and welcome good into your farm with this fairytale gate.

Fairytale Gate

It's no yellow brick road, but a pathway of fairytale pavers will lead straight to your destiny.

Fairytale Paver

The very tower that Pupunzel grew up in.

Pupunzel's Tower

Hey now, hey now. This is wall dreams are made of.

Fairytale Wall

Ask/Post to Friends:

Costume Trunk

Pupunzel Overture

Doggy Makeup



Fiber Granules

Bone Dangler

Paper Mache

Theater Button


Act I Script

Act II Script
Heirloom Act II Script

Act III Script

Director's Hat

Director's Overalls

Director's Megaphone

Training Ramp

Training Chute

Training Hoop
Heirloom Training Hoop

Fake Tree

Fake Flower

Cone Marker
Heirloom Cone Marker

Dematting Comb
Heirloom Dematting Comb

Prop Bag
Heirloom Prop Bag

Stage Curtain

Training Whistle

Pupunzel's Hair

Doggy Bow

Witch's Hat

Crunchy Pumpkin Bites

Healthy Apple Bites
Heirloom Healthy Apple Bites

Yummy Cheese Bites

Chewy Biscuits
Heirloom Chewy Biscuits

Pre-rehearsal Treat

Post-rehearsal Treat

Doggy Egg Roll

Healthy Pup Corn

Sweet 'n Salty Cracker

Strawberry Pupcake

Tower Brick


24 hr Speed-grow Machine
24 hr Speed-grow Machine

30 mins free Water
 60 mins free Water

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