FV Tropic Escape: "Spring Flower Fest!"

It's the Spring Flower Fest and Calla the Queen of Flowers has come to help your guests celebrate Spring.

But she’ll need your help to build her floating throne, the Flower Float, so that she can dance and perform for you.


She brings along Sage, a float builder...


...and his sister, Lily, a float decorator and flower specialist.


Calla relates the lore and meaning of the flowers used; Sage gets it into his head that there's pirate treasure on the island; when Lily tries to rein in her wayward brother, she makes a wonderful discovery. Play the quests to find out what Lily discovers and to win an exclusive Flower Trellis.
If you’re at least level 8, you’ll get to see and interact with Calla, the Queen of Flowers, who will help you make your island bloom for Spring. She’ll stay until April 17th before she departs.
Start the event by searching for flowers and other float parts from Flower Patches. To search the Flower Patches, you’ll need to craft Garden Gloves at the Float Workshop. Find Sturdy Cloth to make the Garden Gloves by sending Guides and Guests to the landmarks.


Watch for other Flower Patches that come and go along the shore to find extra flowers and float parts.


Gather Flowers and craft at the Float Workshop to complete each stage of building the Flower Float. 


Finish all the stages on or before the April 17, and win the exclusive Guide, Lily, Sage’s sister, who will stay at your island for the next 30 days. Lily would love to spend more time enjoying the flowers on your lush island. 

Another tradition is to collect Bouquets for the Flower Fest. Give Bouquets to your Friends and receive Bouquets from them in return.


Complete the collection of Bouquets to win an animated Spring Bunny Patch!


Temporary Island Guide: Sage, the Master Float builder
You have the option to hire Sage as a temporary Guide to help you out during the “Spring Flower Fest” Event. He’ll give you a higher chance of finding rare event ingredients at the landmarks. Please be aware that he is temporary, and will leave your island once the event is over.

Spring Flower Fest Collection and Crafting Items:

Stage 1
  • Seagrass Matting
  • Carnations
  • Driftwood

Stage 2
  • Waterproof Glue
  • Decorative Seeds
  • Dahlias

Stage 3
  • Crepe Waves
  • Daisies
  • Mums

Stage 4
  • Sequin Sheets
  • Hibiscus
  • Tulips
Note: Collection items from the Flower Patches do not go into the Boathouse, but count towards completing each stage of the Flower Float. Crafting parts go into your Boathouse and can be traded. 

Spring Flower Crafting Recipes:

Stage 1

Seagrass Matting 
  • Seagrass 
  • Coconuts

Stage 2

Waterproof Glue 
  • Limestone Powder 
  • Fish
Stage 3

Crepe Waves
  • Shells
  • Crepe Paper
Stage 4

Sequin Sheets
  • Sequins
  • Rice
  • Coconuts
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