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Aloha, Tropic Hosts!

It’s Ryan again, one of the designers on FarmVille: Tropic Escape. As promised, I’m back to chat with you about some exciting changes planned for the Wildlife Center! First off, I’d like to thank you for all of the positive comments after my last set of notes. It’s a pleasure to make the game more fun for all of you!

Before I get into these changes, I wanted to mention how fun and challenging it was for us to create the Wildlife Center. As a game team, we always imagined the island was brimming with the exotic, tropical creatures we saw in our wistful Google searches for “tropical paradise.” The challenge, however, was that we couldn’t allow the island to become overrun with Wildlife! Ultimately, we decided only one creature would appear at a time and that made things easier – sort of. 

The next challenge was getting the Wildlife to behave. Truthfully, I can’t recall all of the strange things we saw while making the Wildlife Center, but I do remember a sloth jumping through a hole in the world, a pelican running amuck across the island, and (I think) an iguana and sea turtle somehow fused together. We had a great time though, and our artists deserve a shout-out for pulling it all off!
And now, the changes!

Huge Rewards for Finishing Wildlife Missions!

Our first order of business with the Wildlife Center was to ensure that finishing all three Photo Missions provided a worthwhile and awesome reward. All that hard work to please the Guests and nothing in return! Given how tough it can be to snap a photo of that one pesky Flamingo or Bird of Paradise, we’ll now be giving something special to players who go the extra mile and finish all 3 of the Photo Missions.

Here’s a little of what you can expect:

  • You will now always earn 2 Sand Dollars after completing all 3 Photo Missions within the timer. One of them is guaranteed to be either Silver or Gold.
  • You will receive a Mystery Prize with valuable parts for your Boathouse & Silo.
  • You will also get a greater amount of Coins if you finish all 3 Missions, but you will no longer receive Coins from completing the individual missions. Trust me, you can make a lot of cash if you play strategically!
  • If you have a lot of one Photo saved up, Guests are slightly more likely to ask for them.
Better Chance to find Wildlife Items

When we first designed these exotic Wildlife items – the Sea Salt, Açaí Berries, Shrimp, and Jungle Vines – we thought it would make sense if they were just that, exotic! Hard to find! But after a lot of our own experiences and player feedback, we considered how frustrating it felt to run out of these valuable items. With a 2-hour timer and just a small chance to find them, it’s tough to collect what you need for filling Orders. 

These changes are really part of that “ABC” philosophy I mentioned last time, so get ready to start crafting some Shrimp Skewers and Salt Scrubs! To learn more about the “ABC” philosophy, click to view the ‘Upcoming Game Updates’ Notes HERE.

Just one change here:
  • Friendly Wildlife now drop these exotic items more frequently.

Treats, Treats, Treats – and Treasure!

One frustrating experience we wanted to address involved using an Exquisite Wildlife Treat for a Gold Sand Dollar and not attracting the right Wildlife. It seemed only fair the exquisite price of these Treats be matched with an exquisite reward. We also didn’t like that Delicious Treats sometimes attracted a pesky Seagull – truth is they are just too fancy for Seagulls!

Lastly, we wanted to make sure the Wildlife showed their appreciation for the delectable snacks you’ve been providing. Now you can find better rewards from the elusive Wildlife when you use the tastiest Treats. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Delicious Treats now attract only Shy Wildlife (previously both Friendly & Shy).
  • Exquisite Treats now attract only Elusive Wildlife (previously Shy & Elusive).
  • Exquisite Treats now provide 4 Photos instead of 6.
  • After using Exquisite Treats, you will almost always discover a rare Part for expanding (Signet Ring, Compass, Survival Kit).
  • After using Delicious Treats, you will have an increased chance of finding a rare Part for expanding (Signet Ring, Compass, Survival Kit).
The entire FarmVille: Tropic Escape Team really hopes that you enjoy these changes to the Wildlife Center and have fun discovering all the different Wildlife as you play. Thanks for reading, and as always please leave any thoughts or feedback you have in the comments section – we love to hear from you.
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