Check out the Recipes coming with the Ferret Play Pool!

Today will arrive a new Building in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.

It will be available from 31/01/2017!

To see the Bulding Info click Here =>

Fur Bolster:


Fur Bolster = Fur Trim x12

Fur Ottoman:


Fur Ottoman Fur Trim x6 + Horseshoe x6

Fur Lined Bathrobe:


Fur Lined Bathrobe = Fur Trim x6 + Fine Fleece x6

Pet Journal:


Pet Journal Fur Trim x6 + Papyrus x8 + Water Bamboo x6

Winter Wedding Shawl:


Winter Wedding Shawl Fur Trim x6 + Fine Fleece x6 + White Lily x8 + Horseshoe x10

Fuzzy Shoes:


Fuzzy Shoes Fur Trim x6 + Blueberry x8 + Flask x2

Fur Lined Gloves:


Fur Lined Gloves Fur Trim x6 + Rubber x8 + Blueberry x8 + Flask x2

Heirloom Fur Lined Gloves:


Heirloom Fur Lined Gloves Fur Trim x6 + Heirloom Rubber x8 + Blueberry x8 + Flask x2

Pet Scrapbook:


Pet Scrapbook Fur Trim x6 + Papyrus x8 + Water Bamboo x6 + Fur x6 + Horseshoe x6

Warm Fur Saddle:


Warm Fur Saddle Fur Trim x6 + Fine Saddle x5 + Piece of Glass x4

Pan-Seared Whitefish:


Pan-Seared Whitefish Whitefish x6 + Lemon x8

Heirloom Pan-Seared Whitefish:


Heirloom Pan-Seared Whitefish Whitefish x6 + Heirloom Lemon x8

Whitefish Tikka Curry:


Whitefish Tikka Curry Whitefish x6 + Onion x10

Crispy Whitefish Cakes:


Crispy Whitefish Cake Whitefish x6 + Clotted Cream x6 + Potato x12

Stuffed Baked Whitefish:


Stuffed Baked Whitefish Whitefish x6 + Cheese x4 + Spinach x5

Fur Beret Hat:


Fur Beret Hat Cashmere Wool x12 + Fur Trim x6 + Fine Fleece x6 + White Lily x8 + Horseshoe x10

Fur Rug:


Fur Rug Fur Trim x6 + Blueberry x12 + Flask x2 + Wool x12 + Fine Fleece x6 + Fine Wool x2

Secret Toy Basket:


Secret Toy Basket = Trinkets x4 6 Rope x6 + Wool x6 + Fine Wool x2

Crochet Ferret Toy:


Crochet Ferret Toy = Fur x6 + Egg x6 + Fine Fleece x4 + Wool x4

Play Pebbles:


Play Pebbles Juggling Pebbles x4 + Rope x6 + Papyrus x6

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