"The Rooster Coop" (Coming Soon)

Hey, {user}! You must be wondering what just happened? YES!
So, Walter and I have been so busy that we didn't notice how listless our chickens had become! Oh..
We came up with many ideas for them but getting a Rooster has been the best one ever. The chickens love him and have been happier than ever! You should try it too! But, how?
Tell you what, keep my special chickens and take care of them for now, and we'll catch up later.


Adult Rooster
Prized Rooster

Adult Rooster
Prized Rooster

Adult Rooster
Prized Rooster

The Rooster waters your trees or groves for 20 days. It will feed the chickens forever!

Rooster Coop

Rooster Coop

Brush Set

New Crops:

Prized Jostagrande

Bohemian Squash
Prized Bohemian Squash

Table Beet
Prized Table Beet

Prized Rooseheart

Prized Bisonnberry

Prized Phalaraaja

Canadian Broccoli
Prized Canadian Broccoli

New Rooster Bottles:

Make Booster Bottle to feed baby chickens.

Grande Booster Bottle
Squash Booster Bottle
Beet Booster Bottle
Heart Booster Bottle
Berry Booster Bottle
Phala Booster Bottle
Broccoli Booster Bottle

New Recipes:

Rooster Rester
Heirloom Rooster Rester

Chicken Bundt Treat

Rooster First Aid Kit

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Twig Nest

Grain Plate

New Decorations:

Roo-Roo Fence

Roo-Roo Gate

New Exclusive Images:

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