FV Tropic Escape: "Santa's Crash Landing - Chapter 4, Guide"

Santa's crashed his sleigh on your island! Save the holidays by helping him get back in the air.
Repair Santa's sleigh and earn rewards. Craft and search for sleigh parts. Win Holly the Elf for 30 days.

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Playing Reindeer Games 1/3
Quest Tasks:
  • Harvest 40 Rice
  • Collect 16 Eggs
  • Find 10 Oats

Playing Reindeer Games 2/3
Quest Tasks:
  • Find 12 Magic Dust
  • Search 10 sleigh wreckage
  • Make 10 Reindeer Treats

Playing Reindeer Games 3/3
Quest Tasks:
  • Get 14 Reins
  • Make 14 Reindeer Treats
  • Get 14 Reindeer Games

Holly's Vacation
Quest Tasks:
  • Have 3 Holly visit the Coral Reef
  • Have 3 Holly visit the Hot Spring
  • Make 8 Daiquiri

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