Build Your Sleigh Basket!

I’ll match you with one special Training Ribbon for every Training Ribbon that you earn! Gus needs to leave and can no longer help with the Puppy Pageant!

Earn special Training Ribbons by working with Gus on the Puppy Pageant! Teach the puppies tricks, twice as fast, and show off their good behavior! Bring home a puppy of your own, this holiday season!

Release Date: 22/11/2016

Sleigh Trimming
Sleigh Paint
Festive Baubles

A beautiful Sleigh Basket for your Festive Baubles!

Festive Baubles

New Decorations:

Frosty Bauble Lamp Post

Frosty Bauble Fence

Ask/Post to Friends:

Glitter Glue
Sparkle Dust

New Animals:

Baby Brown Roan Mini Donkey
Adult Brown Roan Mini Donkey
Prized Brown Roan Mini Donkey

Baby Sooty Buckskin Andalusian Horse
Adult Sooty Buckskin Andalusian Horse
Prized Sooty Buckskin Andalusian Horse

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Soothing Gel
Tooth Pliers
Grass Ball

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