Build Your Shadow Theatre!

Experience the Shadow Theatre with Cornelius! Tip: Each show is more rewarding than the last! 
Each show is more rewarding than the last! Win an exclusive African Pygmy Mini Goat!

Release Date: 11/10/2016

For the highest quality shadow shows!

Shadow Theatre Screen

Keep anything you want on it!

Table Top

Makes all tables look professionally dressed and prepared.

Table Cloths

Shadow Theatre

Shadow Theatre Ticket

Materials for the Next Quest:

Monster Feet
Fake Blood
Halloween Makeup Kit


Stage Light

Spider Stencil

Bat Candy

Candy Skulls

Shadow Theatre Screen

Pumpkin Decoration Lights

Shadow Puppet Sticks
Heirloom Shadow Puppet Sticks

Stage Curtains

Puppet Control Bar
Heirloom Puppet Control Bar

Ghost Puppet

Spider Candy Corn


Spooky Candle Stand

Spider Web Fence

Ask/Post to Friends:

Puppet Body

Fabric Fastener

Tiny Knife

Tiny Light

Large Lens

Bat Mold

Small Screw

Sugar Syrup


African Pygmy Mini Goats are tiny but very hardy and can adapt to all climates!

Baby African Pygmy Mini Goat
Adult African Pygmy Mini Goat
Prized African Pygmy Mini Goat

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