FV2 Country Escape: "The Frontier Park!"

An amusement park tycoon is wanting to open a new park themed around the American frontier towns. Your farm is the perfect  location to try out some new theme ideas, and a new giant roller coaster!
If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Frontier Park. You will need to force close the  game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may even need to reboot your device.
Start off the event by visiting the Event Green located behind Eagle Eye Eddie's airplane. The Event green will be dressed with a large arch that looks like a park entrance, carnival games, old west style-themed kiosks, and a giant roller coaster on the north-east side to give that merrymaking feel all around.
To celebrate this extraordinary occasion. Farmers will have to complete orders to create lines of 4 completed orders on the order board for bonus points. The order board will display green checks when orders could be sold.
When a line of orders is completed, the whole 4x4 board is reset; prizes at set point levels; bonus Gold Pan for completing  boards.
TIP: If you complete 2 or 3 lines in one move on your board you will get 2x or 3x the points!
The Frontier Park will run until September 11, and players will have 12 days to complete all quests and get their chance to win Speed Seeds, Stamps, Golden Gloves, and the opportunity to have a limited-time visit from Bess as a TEMPORARY Farm Hand!
Bingo Board Rules:
• You cannot skip cards
• You can buy through a card you don’t have the item inventory to complete
• You can buy through a card-group
• When a card-group bonus timer expires, you can keep playing it, just without a fast finish bonus
• When a card-group is completed (Bingo Order Board), a new card-group is served
• You can earn rewards as you reach pre-set point levels for specified reward packages
• Boosts only buff individual card event points, does not buff the Bingo Order Board bonus or fast finish bonuses
• Bonus Gift bags when 4 are connected; 2X for 2X; 3X for 3X
• When you buy through card group with keys:
a.    You get 3 Gift bags(same as 3x Bingo Order Board flow)
b.    If you have a boost active, boost will remain active and carry over into next card until timer expires
c.    You will receive 0 coins for the orders on the card (because you never sold or completed any orders on the card)
New items needed, and where to locate them:
Vegetable Oil - Grandma's Glade
Black Beans - Pappy's Pond and the Pier
Fuzzy Fabric - Prized Animals and the Mallard Mill
Poster Paper - Merryweather Mine

Bean Salad - Dairy
Black Bean Burger - Stovetop
Baked Beans - Stovetop
Fried Ice Cream - Dairy
Mini Donuts - Pastry Oven
Curly Fries - Stovetop
Cow Cap - Loom
Bear Bonnet - Loom
Yellow Chick Hat - Loom
Park Map - Craft Workstation
Wanted Posted - Craft Workstation
Toy Lasso - Craft Workstation
BBQ Com - Dinner Oven
Note: Only players who have unlocked the Merryweather Mine will get requests for the needed event drop crafted items.
Silver and Gold Pick Boosts:
Appears when you open the event, Bingo Order Board and taps “use a boost” button. The 50% and 100% boost options can be purchased using coins and keys, respectively. Boosts only affect individual item points, not the Bingo Order Board for fast finish bonus points. The 1st 100% boost (key) boost will be marked “FREE”. Once a player uses it, it will revert back to  keys. If you use the 50% (coin) boost first, you will still retain the free key boost. (It should still say “FREE” the next time you enter the game)
Frontier Park 1 of 8
• Visit the Park Entrance once
• Use a boost on the Frontier Park Orders Board
• Complete 5 orders on the Frontier Park Orders Board
Frontier Park 2 of 8
• Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade thrice
• Make 2 Bean Salads
• Make 2 Black Bean Burgers
Frontier Park 3 of 8
• Send Farm Hands to Pappy's Pond twice
• Make 2 Fried Ice Creams
• Make 2 Mini Donuts
Frontier Park 4 of 8
• Make 3 Baked Beans
• Dip 3 Curly Fries
• Bake 3 BBQ Corns
Frontier Park 5 of 8
• Use 2 more boosts on the Frontier Park Orders Board
• Complete 8 more orders on the Frontier Park Orders Board
• Get 2 more Bingos on the Frontier Park Orders Board
Frontier Park 6 of 8
• Gather 4 Fuzzy Fabrics
• Make 2 Bear Bonnets
• Make 3 Yellow Chick Hats
Frontier Park 7 of 8
• Send Farm Hands to Merryweather Mine four times
• Craft 3 Park Maps
• Create 4 Wanted Posters
Frontier Park 8 of 8
• Use 3 more boosts on the Frontier Park Orders Board
• Complete 16 more orders on the Frontier Park Orders Board
• Get 4 more Bingos on the Frontier Park Orders Board
Temporary Farm Hands: Frontier Jack and Bruno Bear
You can purchase FrontierVille's old-time miner, Jack and/or Bruno Bear as temporary Farm Hands. They can help you find  those rare event items, and will leave once the Frontier Park is over!
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