FV Tropic Escape: "What are Helicopter Orders?"

Helicopter orders are part of running a celebrity resort! They unlock at Level 16. Tap on the Helipad or Helicopter to open the Helicopter Orders window.
Helicopter orders ask for multiple Goods and all orders shown must be completed to earn the valuable Sand Dollar rewards.
Tap on one of the orders to either Fill Order or Ask for HelpYou receive coins and XP for filling the individual orders.
A green checkmark means you have filled that order. Tapping Fill Order for Goods you don't have will give you a pop-up with a hint on how to fill the order.
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Tap Ask for Help if you're having trouble making or buying enough of the Goods you need to complete the orders. This will send a request for help to your friends,who may be able to complete the rest of the order for you.
Remember to return the favor when someone asks for help! Go to a friend's island and tap on their Helipad to finish filling their order.
Tapping Skip will send the Helicopter away and you'll have to wait for it to return with a new set of orders.
Helicopter orders are timed. You need to complete all the orders before the Helicopter departs in order to receive the Sand Dollar reward.
Use Sand Dollars to purchase additional Animals and trees at the Island Store.
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