Elephant Garlic makes your dishes extra-tasty! (Market LE Items)

Plant Elephant Garlic, check out Blue Butt Pig, Tasselberry Trees and more!

Tasselberry Punch
Heirloom Tasselberry Punch

Tasselberry Tart
Heirloom Tasselberry Tart

Burgambel Oak Nut Cake
Heirloom Burgambel Oak Nut Cake

Burgambel Oak Nut Bars
Heirloom Burgambel Oak Nut Bars

Herb Grilled Elephant Garlic
Heirloom Herb Grilled Elephant Garlic

Roasted Elephant Garlic Soup
Heirloom Roasted Elephant Garlic Soup


Elephant Garlic
Prized Elephant Garlic


Mallee Eucalyptus Tree
Heirloom Mallee Eucalyptus Tree
Elder Mallee Eucalyptus Tree
Mallee Eucalyptus Tree Log
Heirloom Mallee Eucalyptus Tree Log

Heirloom Tasselberry
Elder Tasselberry
Tasselberry Fruit
Heirloom Tasselberry Fruit

Burgambel Oak Nut
Heirloom Burgambel Oak Nut
Elder Burgambel Oak Nut
Burgambel Oak Nut Fruit
Heirloom Burgambel Oak Nut Fruit


Baby Mini Maine - Anjou Cow
Adult Mini Maine - Anjou Cow
Prized Mini Maine - Anjou Cow

Baby Blue Butt Pig
Adult Blue Butt Pig
Prized Blue Butt Pig

Baby Cormo Sheep
Adult Cormo Sheep
Prized Cormo Sheep

Baby Mini Canadian Horse
Adult Mini Canadian Horse
Prized Mini Canadian Horse
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