Build Your Farm Academy!

Welcome to FarmVille, Rusty! Gus' famous cousin Rusty is back from the big city! Help Rusty get reacquainted with farm life! Complete lessons to win a baby Milking Shorthorn Cow!

Release Date: 20/09/2016

Farm Academy Sign
Learning Log

Farm Academy

Lesson Note

Materials for the Next Quest:

Farm Theory Textbook
Light Tool Belt
Nose Peg
Tube of Hair Gel

Misleading Poster

Mustache Disguise

Pair of Black Overalls

Ask/Post to Friends:

Black Sequins

Plastic Pig Snout


Small Zip


Rockstar Apron

Pig Costume


Boot Protectors
Heirloom Boot Protectors


Musical Fence Do
Musical Fence Re
Musical Fence Mi
Musical Fence Fa
Musical Fence So
Musical Fence La
Musical Fence Ti
Musical Fence Do+


Baby Milking Shorthorn Cow
Adult Milking Shorthorn Cow
Prized Milking Shorthorn Cow

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