FV Tropic Escape: "What are landmarks? How do they work?"

You can earn more rewards by going to special locations called landmarks.
The known landmarks are:
  • Coral Reef
  • Hot Spring
  • Smugglers' Cave
  • Merchant Shipwreck
  • Sky Cliffs

Guides are your permanent characters such as Domingo, Chloe, and Maya.
You can send your Guides to the landmarks to earn rewards. The Coral Reef is shown here.

Tap on the Coral Reef to open the landmark window. At the center top, you'll see what supplies are needed to visit this landmark. The green check mark means you have enough supplies.

Certain Guides only become available to visit a landmark when you have unlocked their landmark. The current Guides and the landmarks that unlock them for use are:
  • Coral Reef = Domingo, Chloe at Level 4
  • Hot Spring = Maya at Level 12
  • Smugglers' Cave = Luis at Level 18
  • Merchant Shipwreck = Zack at Level 24
  • Sky Cliffs = Lola at Level 30

Kate is too busy driving the boat and delivering orders to visit the landmarks.

On the left is your roster of available Guides. You may also have Guests to use. To get Guests, join a Beach Club and ask your Club members to send you a Guest.

Tap and hold on a Guide or Guest, then drag them onto the landmark. You can see that each landmark has positions for a number of visitors. The number of visitors you can send changes from landmark to landmark.

The more Guides and Guests you send, the better your chances become to win the rewards shown on the right side of the landmark window. Notice how each reward has a colored ring around it. The rings indicate your chances of winning that reward at the end of the visit as follows:

  • a full green ring means you're guaranteed to get that reward
  • a partial green ring means you have a high chance.
  • a yellow ring means you have a medium chance.
  • a red ring means you have a low chance.

The number on the reward indicates how many of that item you'll receive.

The Mystery Chest gives random rewards, often a valuable storage part.

When you've placed your Guides or Guests, tap on the green button at the bottom to start the visit. The button also shows you how long the visit takes.

When the landmark visit is complete, you'll see the Question Mark icon on the left side of the screen.

Tap on the Question Mark icon to be taken to the landmark that is ready to be collected.

There will also be a green Question Mark over the landmark itself when it's ready.

Tap on the landmark, and then tap on each reward!

If you win a Mystery Chest, tap it to reveal more rewards and tap on the bonus rewards to collect them.

Tap on the green left or right arrow to the side of the landmark's name to move to the next landmark.

Landmarks are unlocked by level, so keep leveling up and expanding to reach all of the landmarks!

Note: If your storage is full, you will be unable to collect the rewards from the landmark until you have enough space in your Silo and/or Boathouse.
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