Build Your Tightrope Training Stand!

Learn tightrope walking with Gus! Your friends had a fun time at your Tightrope Training sessions and left some great gifts for you!

Collect Training Cards to host Tightrope Training sessions! Win a Baby Speckled Mammoth Donkey!
Release Date: 23/08/2016

Setup your tightrope just the way you want!

Tightrope Stand

 Made specifically to sustain any amount of pressure for tightrope walking!

Walking Rope

To ensure you have just the right amount of tension in your rope!

Tension Nail

Tightrope Training Stand

Training Card

Materials for the Next Quest:

Magic tricks in the palms of your hands!

Pack of Magic Cards

Win the bet every single time!

Pair of Double Sided Coins

Can you separate them all?

Set of Magic Rings


Safety Mat
Heirloom Safety Mat

Safety Harness

Rope Shackle

Rope Link

Tension Ratchet
Heirloom Tension Ratchet

Tightrope Shoes

Tightwire Rope

Balancing Beam

Show Parasol
Heirloom Show Parasol

Show Hat


New Decorations:

Flower Basket Stands

Tightrope Fence

Ask/Post to Friends:

Mattress Spring

Balancing Weights

Buckle Lock

Polyester String

Fancy Lace

Slackline Soles

Ratchet Pawl

Unicycle Wheel


Baby Speckled Mammoth Donkey
Adult Speckled Mammoth Donkey
Prized Speckled Mammoth Donkey

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