Build Your Carnival Goat Bed!

This Silky Fainting Goat has lived with carnival folk all her life! Can you help her adjust to a farm? The little Fainting Goat is startled by every little thing! Help her adjust to a farm!

Win a gorgeous baby Silky Fainting Goat! The baby goat is staying! Store her bed or leave it on your farm for her to sleep in!
Release Date: 09/08/2016

Goat Bed Pillow
Silk Sheet
Tent Pole
Smelling Salts
Carnival Goat Bed

New Animal:

When startled, fainting goats tense up and fall over, but regain movement in a few seconds.

Baby Silky Fainting Goat
Adult Silky Fainting Goat
Prized Silky Fainting Goat

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Magic Carpet
Gold Tassel

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Crystal Ball Plushie
Aromatherapy Candle


New Recipe:

Soft Carpet

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