Build Your Carnival Game Stall!

User is setting up a Carnival Game Stall! User is all pumped up! Help them set up a Carnival Game Stall! Win a baby Qinghai Yak!
Release Date: 16/08/2016

Ring Board
Striker Bell
Ball Vessel

Carnival Game Stall
Carnival Coupon


Hinoki Cypress Tree
Heirloom Hinoki Cypress Tree
Elder Hinoki Cypress Tree

There's beauty in every spin!

Flower Pinwheel

Mending fences with pretty flag banners!

Flag Banner Fence

Pave way to a beautiful farm!

Butterfly Pavers


Beautiful blue flowers and a perfectly shaped ring-all in good times!

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Ring

That's strike two! A sure-win formula!

Striker Mallet


Hooves of yaks are split, which facilitate movement across the rocky and icy terrains.

 Baby Qinghai Yak
Adult Qinghai Yak
Prized Qinghai Yak

Ask/Post to Friends:

Carpet Ball

Materials for the Next Quest:

Weighing Scale
Pair of Running Shoes
Mason Jar

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