The "Gourmet Farm" (Coming Soon)

Hi Farmers. Soon in our Farms will arrive new deco, recipes, houses, buildings and much more. The Gourmet Farm will be available during the next weeks. See below for some advances!

New House:

Tier 1 Bistro
Tier 2 Bistro
Tier 3 Bistro
Tier 4 Bistro
Tier 5 Bistro
Tier 6 Bistro
Tier 7 Bistro
Tier 8 Bistro
Tier 9 Bistro
Tier 10 Bistro

New Buildings:

Cheese Press


Wine Barrel
Mulch Pit

New Decorations:

Windmill Planter
Fairyland Bench
Living Willow Fence
Wheelbarrow Centerpiece
Frilly Hammock
Pouring Flowers Milk Jug
Evergreen Garden Patch
Pappy's Ride
Terraced Stone Fence
Stenciled Stone Paver
Simple Brick Fountain
Terracotta Paver
Cocoon Swing
Terracotta Firepit
Bridge Fountain
Pebble Paver
Mountain Signpost
Drink To That Fountain
Wine Barrel Chair
Very Merry Weathervane
Oak Barrel Bench
Barrel Fence
Red Door Cottage
Timber Birdbath
Stained Glass Lamp
Hot Spring
Mountain Lookout
Vineyard Arch

New Crops:

Forastero Cocoa
Prized Forastero Cocoa

Carenero Cocoa
Prized Carenero Cocoa

Theobroma Cocoa
Prized Theobroma Cocoa

Rio Caribe Cocoa
Prized Rio Caribe Cocoa

Amelonado Cocoa
Prized Amelonado Cocoa

Trinitario Cocoa
Prized Trinitario Cocoa

Nacional Cocoa
Prized Nacional Cocoa

Nicaliso Cocoa
Prized Nicaliso Cocoa

Criollo Cocoa
Prized Criollo Cocoa

Chuao Cocoa
Prized Chuao Cocoa

Porcelana Cocoa
Prized Porcelana Cocoa

Puertocabello Cocoa
Prized Puertocabello Cocoa

Cabernet Franc Grape
Prized Cabernet Franc Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon Grape
Prized Cabernet Sauvignon Grape

Carmenere Grape
Prized Carmenere Grape

Catawba Grape
Prized Catawba Grape

Gewurztraminer Grape
Prized Gewurztraminer Grape

Grenache Grape
Prized Grenache Grape

Malbec Grape
Prized Malbec Grape

Merlot Grape
Prized Merlot Grape

Muscat Grape
Prized Muscat Grape

Nebbiolo Grape
Prized Nebbiolo Grape

Pinot Gris Grape
Prized Pinot Gris Grape

Riesling Grape
Prized Riesling Grape

Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Semillon Grape
Prized Semillon Grape

Shiraz Grape
Prized Shiraz Grape

Viognier Grape
Prized Viognier Grape

Zinfandel Grape
Prized Zinfandel Grape

New Animals:

Baby Bezoar Ibex
Adult Bezoar Ibex
Prized Bezoar Ibex

Baby Royal Mountain Yak
Adult Royal Mountain Yak
Prized Royal Mountain Yak

Baby White Mountain Goat
Adult White Mountain Goat
Prized White Mountain Goat

Baby White Tianzhu Yak
Adult White Tianzhu Yak
Prized White Tianzhu Yak

New Resources:

Exchange Credits to activate Boosts and supercharge your farm actions.

Pack of 5 Credits
Pack of 20 Credits
Pack of 100 Credits

Use Speed Craft to harvest crafts instantly on the Groumet Farm!

Speed Craft
Speed Craft 2 Pack
Speed Craft 40 Pack

Use Mulch on Gourmet Farm crops and make the mountains come alive!

Mulch 5 Pack
Mulch 10 Pack
Mulch 50 Pack
Mulch 100 Pack

Pepper x20

Silver Platter: 2X Visitors for 1 day

Silver Platter

Gold Platter: 3X Visitors for 1 day

Gold Platter

Chocolateria Parts:

Chocolate Mold
Ice Crate
Icebox Hinge
Chocolate Spatula

Cheesery Parts:

Cheese Press Lid
Gourmet Cheese Board
Gourmet Cheese Knife
Gourmet Cheesecloth

Winery Parts:

Wine Strainer
Wine Barrel Ring
Red Oak Plank
Stirring Spoon

New Materials:

Mountain Goat Milk
Yak Milk

New Recipes:

Nougat Squares
Fine Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Clusters
Caramel Cream
Chocolate Cup
Chocolate Cream Fills
Marble Fudge
Orange Ganache
Rich Hot Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Milk
Orange Praline
Sea Salt Praline
Chocolate Raisins
White Chocolate Swirl
Fine Dark Chocolate Thins
Champagne Truffle
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Milk Chocolate Truffle

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