Build Your Carnival Caravan!

Build a Carnival Caravan and win a baby White Andalusian Paint Horse! Here's your chance to host the county's one of a kind aviation show and win a baby White Andalusian Paint Horse!

Balance is the most important thing... learn from the masters!

Release Date: 02/08/2016

Caravan Chimney
Blue Canvas
Wooden Step
Carnival Caravan

Materials for the Next Quest:

Carnival Hat

Pair of Carnival Shoes

Pair of Carnival Socks

Weekly Items:
1st Week:

Crystal Ball
Set of Tarot Cards

2nd Week:

Pair of Stilts

3rd Week:

Dragon Suit

4th Week:

Candy Rattle
Security Blanket


Caravan Wheel Fence

Carnival Gazebo

Carnival Arch


Mystical Candle
Heirloom Mystical Candle

Pair of Knee Pads
Heirloom Pair of Knee Pads

Barbeque Grill

Paint Roller
Heirloom Paint Roller

Festive Marshmallows


Ask/Post to Friends:

Set of Animal Stickers

Lunch Box

Foam Pads

Wire Rack

Palm Wax


Baby White Andalusian Paint Horse
Adult White Andalusian Paint Horse
Prized White Andalusian Paint Horse

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