Build Your Haircloth Rug Station!

Build the Haircloth Rug Sation. Raise a baby Albino Cow to an adult. More Adult Donkeys on your farm will better your chances of getting Haircloth.

Find Haircloth to use at the Haircloth Rug Station! Share some with friends too!
Hint: You can make Haircloth in the Workshop with Rope and Tassel Fringe!

Machine Leg
Rug Spool 
Rug Basket
Haircloth Rug Station

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Rug Rack
Table Clock
Lamp Base

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Tassel Fringe

Shaggy Rug
Tufted Rug
Knotted Rug

New Animal:

Baby Albino Cow
Adult Albino Cow
Prized Albino Cow

New Recipes:

Gilded Feather Headband
Truffle Polenta

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