Get the Amazing Rooster!

The Rooster stays on your farm and increases water capacity for {quantity} days! The tuning fork is ready to be struck! Charm a worm and move the hen closer to the egg.

 Raise these five baby chickens to collect a special egg for Cornelius. Complete harvests, and raise and feed animals to fill tuning forks. Use them to charm worms and move the hen closer.

Rooster Coop
Rooster Grain

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Mini Feeder
Aviary Netting
Anti Pecking Ointment

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Feed Plate

 Bungee Cords

Drinker Cups

Wood Shaver

Training Pages

Mini Bow

White Vinegar

Spray Bottle

Flavored Nutrients

New Recipes:

Chicken Feeder

Chicken Swing
Heirloom Chicken Swing

Chicken Drinker

Fine Wood Shavings
Heirloom Fine Wood Shavings

Rooster Care Manuals

Rooster Bow

Natural Coop Cleaner
Heirloom Natural Coop Cleaner

Coop Refresher
Heirloom Coop Refresher

Citrus Mix

Heirloom Citrus Mix

New Animals:

Baby Rooster

Baby Rooster

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