Expand to Sunrise Gardens! (Coming Soon)

Only one week left to expand to Sunrise Gardens for an uplifting experience! Scratch all the tickets to win a Free water day Certificate!

Expansion 81:
Morning Meadows

You won 15 Speed Feed!

Expansion 82:
Glorious Getaway

You won a 5 Energy Pack!

Expansion 83:
Dewy Valley

You won a 12 baby bottle pack!

Expansion 84:
Azure Plains

You won 1 Golden Shovel!

Expansion 85:
Glittering Glades

You won 100,000 coins!

Expansion 86:

You won 50 bags of Fertilizer!

Expansion 87:
Dusky Grange

You won Baby Devon Cow!

Expansion 88:
Twilight Terrace

You won a 25 Pack of Speed-Grow!

Expansion 89:
Eventide Escape

You won 20 Water!


Gold Ticket

Bronze Ticket

Silver Ticket

Ask/post to Friends:

Corner Chisel
Lilac Wood Chipper

New Deco:

Lattice Fence

Flowering Bath


White Asparagus
Prized White Asparagus

Prized Salmonberry

Yellow Marigold
Prized Yellow Marigold

Prized Fenugreek


Glossy Privet
Heirloom Glossy Privet
Elder Glossy Privet
Glossy Privet Fruit
Heirloom Glossy Privet Fruit

Summer Beaut Nectarine
Heirloom Summer Beaut Nectarine
Elder Summer Beaut Nectarine
 Summer Beaut Nectarine Fruit
Heirloom Summer Beaut Nectarine Fruit


Yellow Marigold Boutonniere

Yellow Marigold Bouquet

Glossy Privet Hair Clip
Heirloom Glossy Privet Hair Clip

Glossy Privet Wreath
Heirloom Glossy Privet Wreath

Sauteed White Asparagus

White Asparagus Soup

White Asparagus Fries

Grilled White Asparagus
Heirloom Grilled White Asparagus

Salmonberry Pie

Salmonberry Smoothie

Salmonberry Jam
Heirloom Salmonberry Jam

Salmonberry Crunch
Heirloom Salmonberry Crunch

Glossy Privet Tea
Heirloom Glossy Privet Tea

Summer Beaut Nectarine Tart
Heirloom Summer Beaut Nectarine Tart

Summer Beaut Nectarine Cake
Heirloom Summer Beaut Nectarine Cake

Summer Beaut Nectarine Compote
Heirloom Summer Beaut Nectarine Compote

Fenugreek and Carrot Stir Fry

Fenugreek Salad

Fenugreek Bread

Yellow Marigold Pot


Baby Arabian Grey Horse
Adult Arabian Grey Horse
Prized Arabian Grey Horse

New Levels:

New Maximum Ammount of Coins:

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