Build Your Butter Press!

Find all the Yak Butter you can for the Butter Press! Share some with friends too! Super Feed Yaks to make them produce more Yak Butter!

Hint: You can make Yak Butter in the Workshop with Clotted Cream and Sieve Cones! Make all the buttery goodies and win a baby New Zealand White Rabbit.

Release Date: 24/05/2016

Butter Pail
Butter Barrel Plank
Milk Cans
Butter Press
Yak Butter

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Wick Trimmer
Sculpting Pen
Soap Wrapper

New Recipes:

Butter Candle
Rooster Sculpture
Fragrant Soap

Crimean Iris Bowl

Tangy Pickled Radish

Fur Shrug

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Seive Cone

New Animal:

Baby New Zealand White Rabbit
Adult New Zealand White Rabbit
Prized New Zealand White Rabbit

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