Build Your Viewing Platform!

Help host the county's most spectacular aviation show! Here's your chance to host the county's one of a kind aviation show and win a baby Gannan Yak! 

The county's most spectacular aviation show is here! Hurrah!  What better place to host an aviation show than your farm! Ready, jet-set-go!

Release Date: 12/04/2016

Model Plane
Aviation Scope
Wooden Step

Host a spectacular aviation show on your farm!

Viewing Platform

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Come Fly With Me"

Aviator's Scarf
Aviator's Goggles
Aviator's Hat

Week 1 Recipe:


Week 2 Recipe:

Colored Smoke Fuel

Week 3 Recipe:

Folding Paper

Week 4 Recipe:

Aviation Show Invite

New Recipes:

Put the flags out!

Show Flag

See how the wind blows!

Mini Propeller

Up and away!

Show Balloon
Heirloom Show Balloon

In plane sight!

Wooden Toy Biplane
Heirloom Wooden Toy Biplane

Protection Guaranteed!

Summer Parasol

Spiced Hot Chocolate

A mesh-y affair!

Safety Net

Toboggan Hat

Carving glove

Rice Bread

Show Balloon

Safety cushion

Strawberry Buttermilk

Curried Winter Soup

Pair of Snow Goggles

Papyrus Basket

Papyrus Hat

New Decorations:

Toy Blimp

Miniature Landing Strip

Feather Flag

Paper Plane

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Hand Torch

Satin Ribbon

Toy Wheel

Decorative Lace

New Animal:

Gannan Yaks are known for their good cost of fur and their impressive horns. They're warm, cuddly and extremely friendly!

Baby Gannan Yak
Adult Gannan Yak
Prized Gannan Yak

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