Build Your Maypole!

Build a Maypole on your farm! Barbara needs your help setting up a Maypole! Collect enough Ribbon Wands to win a baby Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow!

Get Ribbon Wands each time you craft at the Maypole! Craft new items to earn more Ribbon Wands for Barbara at the Maypole! The kids are having so much fun dancing around the Maypole! Keep going!

Release Date: 26/04/2016

Maypole Ribbon
Maypole Post
Maypole Wheel Topper
Ribbon Wand

New Animal:

This mini cow isn't cowed by her bigger sisters -- she's a fiesty one!

Baby Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow
Adult Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow
Prized Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow

New Decorations:

Bring a touch of spring to your farm with this fresh plumbago patch!

Plumbago Patch

Perfect for a maypole dance to remind you of spring all year long!

Maypole Lantern

Laden with mayflowers, these walls are a perfect spring addition to your farm!

Mayflower Wall

1st Week Recipes:

A proud topper for your Maypole!

Maypole Flag

A flower wreath to top your Maypole with springtime freshness!

Maypole Wreath

Beautiful ribbons to wrap around your Maypole!

Maypole Streamers

2nd Week Recipes:

To adorn the delicate wrist of the crowned May Queen!

May Queen Corsage

Delicate spring attire for every Maypole dancer!

Dancer's Costume

3rd Week Recipes:

Strawberry and cream cheese heaven between two slices of bread!

Mini Sandwich

Maypole-themed dessert to sweeten the mood!

Maypole Cake

Spring-themed dessert to sweeten the mood!

Spring Cookies

Other Recipes:

A creamy and crumbly dessert you'd love!

Strawberry Cream Crumble
Heirloom Strawberry Cream Crumble

Decadent truffles bursting through creamy risotto!

Creamy Truffle Risotto

A touch of class!

Leather Satchel

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Felt Flower

Lace Belt

Maypole Topper

Cookie Frosting

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Renaissance Woman"

Medieval Costume
Juggling Pin
Jousting Lance

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