Build Your Scrapbook Nook!

You and your friends built a Scrapbook Nook! Win a baby American Painted Horse! Build a Scrapbook Nook to complete scraps and earn points!

Collect scrapbook tokens from animals, trees, and crops! Get 20 scrap points FREE towards completing your scrapbook. Shuffle the scraps you can choose from, and get three new ones!

Release Date: 29/03/2016

Scrap Board
Board Tacks
Wooden Drawer

Make Scrapbook to spread the joy of this season!

Scrapbook Nook
Scrap Points
Scrapbook Chip

Crop Token
Tree Token

Animal Token
Scrapbook Token Pack
Scrapbook Token Pack

Scrapbook Token Pack
No name for now

New Animal:

Baby American Painted Horse
Adult American Painted Horse
Prized American Painted Horse

New Rewards:

An elegant, vibrant fence for your farm.

Living Yellow Fence

A gorgeous farm cottage, vintage style.

Stone and Copper Cottage

No name for now

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Time to Get Scrappy"

Carbon Paper
Pen Nib
Paper Stapler

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