Build Your Prank Pedestal!

It's Party Time! You and your friends worked hard to build the Prank Pedestal! It's time to start the Prank Parties!

Build a Prank Pedestal on your farm. Win a Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca! The more Prank Pedestals you have, the more Prank Parties you can host! Your friends had a smashing time at Percy's Prank Parties and left some great gifts for you!

Release Date: 15/03/2016

Wonder what's inside?

Prank Box

The perfect place present your pranks!

Pedestal Top

Nothing like a tasty snack?

Fake Fruit

Prank Pedestal

Party Invite

New Recipes:

This is certainly isn't sweet!

Fake Lollipop

Safe yet Scary!

Rubber Snake
Heirloom Rubber Snake

For a Fridge Fright!

Bunch of Googly Eyed Mangoes
Bunch of Heirloom Googly Eyed Mangoes

The best way to enjoy your morning!

Bowl of Colored Cereal

Juice that can only be eaten!

Glass of Jelly Juice
Glass of Heirloom Jelly Juice

Very real looks, very unreal fact.

Fake Spilled Milk
Heirloom Fake Spilled Milk

Can't clean that? I wonder why...

Sticky Brush

Hmm, I thought these were a perfect fit!

Pair of Strangely Short Pants

For a really radish filled surprise.

Bunch of Extra Orange Carrots

Something to make every dish stand out!

Pack of Colored Cream

A pumpkin flavored prank for your peers!

Fake Orange Sundae

New Ask/Post to Friends:

For all your jelly making needs!


Give life to anything you put them on!

Googly Eyes

Color taken straight from nature!

Natural Food Coloring

Made from the best quality glass!

Sundae Glass

Your lollipop is almost ready!

Lollipop Stick

Quick and Strong, use it carefully!

Quick Glue

Cut paper as easy as pie!

Cut Paper

Pellets for dying all sorts of colors!

Dye Pellets

New Animal:

Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca
Adult Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca
Prized Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca

New Materials for the Next Quest: "A Return Gift"

Pack of Doughnut Seeds
Spool of Red Sauce Thread
Tube of Colored Toothpaste

New Deco:

Animation Building

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