Check out the Recipes of Garnish your recipes with the Borage crop!

During the next weeks will arrive a new market in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.

It will be available from 22/02/2015 to 14/03/2016!

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Borage Softgel:


Borage Softgel Borage x12 + Water x2

Candied Borage:


Candied Borage = Borage x12 + Sugar x3

Borage Orange Cake:


Borage Orange Cake = Borage x10 + Orange x3 + Milk x2

Heirloom Borage Orange Cake:


Heirloom Borage Orange Cake = Borage x10 + Heirloom Orange x3 + Milk x2

Spicy Makrut Marmalade:


Spicy Makrut Marmalade Makrut Lime x6 + Onion x10

Heirloom Spicy Makrut Marmalade:


Heirloom Spicy Makrut Marmalade = Heirloom Makrut Lime x6 + Onion x10

Wingnut Archway:


Wingnut Archway Wingnut x8 + Horseshoe x10

Heirloom Wingnut Archway:


Heirloom Wingnut Archway = Heirloom Wingnut x8 + Horseshoe x10

White Ash Garden Gate:


White Ash Garden Gate = Horseshoe x6 + Piece of Wood x8

Heirloom White Ash Garden Gate:


Heirloom White Ash Garden Gate Horseshoe x6 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x8
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